Testimonial: Devyn Brown

Devyn Brown

"Rushing AKPsi was hands down the best decision of my college career thus far. Coming from Columbian College, I did not feel prepared to enter the work force. Even just during the rush process I learned how to polish my resume, how to be interviewed, and how to make a great first impression. There are countless other things I’ve learned in my time as a brother, but the most important one was learning how much everyone in the Fraternity wants you to succeed. As a pledge, I was told many times that I had to work on my professionalism. I didn’t know how to dress or really interact with people in a professional setting and it showed. But every brother that I asked how I could improve gave me great advice, and genuinely wanted to help me better myself. They believed in me enough that now I’m the Vice President of Professional Development. They helped me become who I am today, and I encourage every PNM to allow the brothers the chance to help them too."