Big/Little Story: Jisup Kim & Carole Purwanto

Jisup Kim & Carole Purwanto

"I took Jisup as my little a year after I became a brother. It took me a while to decide if I wanted to take a little, but most importantly who I wanted to take as my little. When I first met Jisup, I knew immediately that I wanted to take him as my little and we bonded over asian food, Christmas songs, Christmas movies, cultural views, and so much more! Aside from all those, I have learned to share my academic experiences and the things that I have learned in akpsi to my little, and eventually found myself a new best friend. ❤"

"When I was thinking of who I wanted for my big, Carole was one of the top brothers on my list. Her bright, enthusiastic personality spoke to me greatly as I was searching for a big that could be a supportive friend and someone that could bring me out of my comfort zone. She was much more than what I expected. Carole helps me learn to become more socialized by introducing me to many other friends and bonding moments. We're still in the process of becoming close, but with her I know that I will definitely get there."