Testimonial: Vanden Patel

Vinn Patel

"It can be a daunting question to answer: What are you passionate about? Entering an entirely new school in a new city, I quickly realized that the 100 thoughts swimming around inside my head were multiplying into 100,000. I needed guidance, and a lot of it. I came to Alpha Kappa Psi looking to plaster myself with the bland, professional buzzwords I had seen while scrolling through LinkedIn. But what I found instead was a group of people that were intensely dedicated to fostering a genuine understanding of their various fields. They are the reason that I can proudly define who I am and where I want to be. And even more importantly, to look for inspiration and have the courage to amend my goals accordingly. The most valuable insight that this Brotherhood has given me is that the greatness of a dream comes not from its size, but rather its clarity."