Humans of Alpha Kappa Psi - Brother Spotlight #3

Vinn Patel

"A Home Built from Memory" is curated by myself, Claudia Lamy, and Andy Johnson (Director of Gallery 102). The show seeks to explore real and constructed memories of diaspora, migration, and movement through objects, documents, and artifacts. The concept of "home" is re-framed and re-created through new accounts of memory creation. The work of five established DC artists are incorporated into this exhibition with each drawing from Zimbabwean, Ethiopian, Indian, Antebellum South, or Caribbean influences. 

I was especially drawn to creating a show centering around diaspora because of my family's profound understanding and experience within the immigrant lifestyle. My ancestors have collectively settled on five different continents, while I have lived my entire life in a culturally homogenous town in Illinois. That's not to say that my hometown didn't invite diversity, there just simply wasn't that much to invite in the first place. Coming to an international hub like DC, I knew that I could connect with people that had experienced the same tensions I had growing up as an "in-between." I have come to realize that deep-dish pizza and samosas are not mutually exclusive; "A Home Built from Memory" illustrates the various psychological links that lead immigrants and non-immigrants alike to that same conclusion.