Senior Spotlight: Manisha Agrawala

Manisha Agrawala '17

Manisha Agrawala '17

Brother Manisha Agrawala, now a senior member, joined AKPsi three years ago during her first semester at GWU. She described herself back then as a bit shy and maybe even a little awkward, which might baffle the people who have met her recently. She is a bright and social butterfly who can carry out a great conversation, paint, and dance. She credits this change to AKPsi. Manisha joined looking for professional growth, but ended up with much more. Through her three years in the fraternity, Manisha says that she gained networking skills, professional skills, and of course some of her closest friends.

Manisha has had an internship every summer since college, and a large part of getting these positions are due to the networking skills she had developed since the rush process. She is not yet sure of where she will be after college, but it is undeniable that with all of her experience and great personality, she will have successful future. She hopes to be in the consulting industry with a focus on public health.

Manisha has been a very active member since her freshman year. She held the VPPD position during her time in AKPsi and was very proud of the Case Interview Conference that she organized. However, what is most important to her now is being a mentor to the younger Brothers and the feeling of being able to guide and help her AKPsi family makes her extremely happy. She is and has been a fantastic member of the Beta Mu family. We wish you all the best during your last year at GWU and beyond!


·      Performed on Broadway twice!!

·      Manisha quit ballet when she was three. She then transitioned to Indian Classical Dance, which she has been doing ever since.

·      She loves to paint using water colors and oils

·      She loves watching Jon Oliver and Trevor Noah’s show

·      She is currently the Director of Raas Chaos—Intercollegiate dance competition