Senior Spotlight: Emily Smith

Emily Smith '17

Emily Smith '17


The lovely Emily Smith is a senior Brother of the Beta Mu chapter. She didn’t rush her freshman year because she wanted time to settle into the new atmosphere. In the fall of her sophomore year she sought out an organization with likeminded individuals. She was aware of her interests in business since a young age due to growing up around her family’s business in Carlisle, Massachusetts. Emily loved the values of AKPsi, the people in the fraternity, and wanted to develop her professional side, thus deciding to rush in 2014.

One of the things that Emily loves most about AKPsi is the diversity, not just of the people, but also of the majors and interests that everybody has. This aspect is what enables AKPsi to create events that are relevant to everyone, and fosters an open-minded view on all industries. This abundance of diversity within our fraternity has attributed to Emily’s success mainly in two categories, broadening her network and increasing her professional development. AKPsi helped broaden her network professionally for jobs and internship opportunities, and personally by meeting wonderful people and nurturing long lasting friendships. Double majoring in Organizational Sciences and Political Science in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, the extra exposure to the business sector from AKPsi helped her immensely in growing and honing her professional development. These skills helped her land one of her most impactful and memorable internships. Emily worked on the Hill with Congresswomen Niki Tsongas, representing District 3 of Massachusetts. This experience gave her the most exposure to interacting with new people, diligently researching relevant issues, and “plus it was pretty cool walking among senators, congressmen, and congresswomen”.

Emily had a big impact on the Beta Mu family. She devoted a lot of time and effort since her time as pledge class president, to her directorship, and all the way to her E-Board position as Vice President of Alumni and Inter-Chapter Relations. She has managed and put on many great events during her time, such as the most recent Paintball event, which was a huge success! Her universal goal shared between all these positions was to be a “force that brings people together with a smile”. Anybody who knows Emily has experienced this legendary smile that brightens anybody’s day.

After she graduates, Emily wants to work at a law firm for at least two years or in a policy/government related industry. She would also eventually like to go to law school for her J.D., ideally staying in the DC area. Once she graduates, Emily will be remembered as a positive and kind brother who has helped our Chapter grow. Best of luck with all of your of your future aspirations! Your smile will be missed.


·      Emily had pet Chickens! Her favorite rooster was Frou Frou and her favorite hen was Eliza.

·      She lived in Italy.

·      She did a treacherous three day hiking trip through major thunderstorms.

·      She LOVES lions.