Testimonial: Vincenzo Cardi

Vincenzo Cardi

“I made the best decision I have ever made during my time here at GW by joining AKPSI. I say this because AKPSI gave me my first big break as a professional. I obtained an internship through the referral of another brother at one of the most prestigious accounting firms in the world. This internship turned out to be my first exposure to a true workplace, and afterwards I was offered a job. To give back to the brotherhood I referred another brother to the very same internship program. He now will be following my footsteps and interning there this summer, and he intends to continue the referral chain in the future. As a soon-to-be alumni, I am glad I was able to give back to a brotherhood that has given me so much.“

Testimonial: Devyn Brown

Devyn Brown

"Rushing AKPsi was hands down the best decision of my college career thus far. Coming from Columbian College, I did not feel prepared to enter the work force. Even just during the rush process I learned how to polish my resume, how to be interviewed, and how to make a great first impression. There are countless other things I’ve learned in my time as a brother, but the most important one was learning how much everyone in the Fraternity wants you to succeed. As a pledge, I was told many times that I had to work on my professionalism. I didn’t know how to dress or really interact with people in a professional setting and it showed. But every brother that I asked how I could improve gave me great advice, and genuinely wanted to help me better myself. They believed in me enough that now I’m the Vice President of Professional Development. They helped me become who I am today, and I encourage every PNM to allow the brothers the chance to help them too."

Big/Little Story: Jisup Kim & Carole Purwanto

Jisup Kim & Carole Purwanto

"I took Jisup as my little a year after I became a brother. It took me a while to decide if I wanted to take a little, but most importantly who I wanted to take as my little. When I first met Jisup, I knew immediately that I wanted to take him as my little and we bonded over asian food, Christmas songs, Christmas movies, cultural views, and so much more! Aside from all those, I have learned to share my academic experiences and the things that I have learned in akpsi to my little, and eventually found myself a new best friend. ❤"

"When I was thinking of who I wanted for my big, Carole was one of the top brothers on my list. Her bright, enthusiastic personality spoke to me greatly as I was searching for a big that could be a supportive friend and someone that could bring me out of my comfort zone. She was much more than what I expected. Carole helps me learn to become more socialized by introducing me to many other friends and bonding moments. We're still in the process of becoming close, but with her I know that I will definitely get there."

Testimonial: Ayla Coles


Ayla Coles

"Rush itself was such an exciting time, but I especially liked the service event. Working with PNMs and brothers to make sandwiches for homeless was a really rewarding experience and helped me realize that this was a brotherhood that I wanted to be part of. I loved that I was able to bond with my future brothers while making a difference in our community."

Testimonial: Vanden Patel

Vinn Patel

"It can be a daunting question to answer: What are you passionate about? Entering an entirely new school in a new city, I quickly realized that the 100 thoughts swimming around inside my head were multiplying into 100,000. I needed guidance, and a lot of it. I came to Alpha Kappa Psi looking to plaster myself with the bland, professional buzzwords I had seen while scrolling through LinkedIn. But what I found instead was a group of people that were intensely dedicated to fostering a genuine understanding of their various fields. They are the reason that I can proudly define who I am and where I want to be. And even more importantly, to look for inspiration and have the courage to amend my goals accordingly. The most valuable insight that this Brotherhood has given me is that the greatness of a dream comes not from its size, but rather its clarity."

Testimonial: Dakota Sinder

Dakota Sinder

"AKPsi has been my fast track to professional development. I’ve been able to expand my horizons by meeting other likeminded individuals who are driven to succeed in their respective fields. AKPsi is unique because it is coed and open to all majors which has allowed me to diversify my perspectives. I’ve been able to attend a variety of networking, case study, and professional development events through AKPsi, which has not only sharpened my professional skills but also allowed me to build relationships that grow beyond the work environment."

Testimonial: Connor Johnson

Connor Johnson

"My advice to anyone interested in rushing is to constantly look for ways to push yourself out of your comfort zone. For me, this was running for my pledge class E-Board, because I never even tried to take a leadership position in high school. Since taking that position, I've grown a ton personally and professionally, and I think that's because I wasn't doing what was easy for me. Putting myself in unfamiliar territory forced me to change, and I've definitely become a better, more confident person because of it."

Senior Spotlight: Emily Smith

Emily Smith '17

Emily Smith '17


The lovely Emily Smith is a senior Brother of the Beta Mu chapter. She didn’t rush her freshman year because she wanted time to settle into the new atmosphere. In the fall of her sophomore year she sought out an organization with likeminded individuals. She was aware of her interests in business since a young age due to growing up around her family’s business in Carlisle, Massachusetts. Emily loved the values of AKPsi, the people in the fraternity, and wanted to develop her professional side, thus deciding to rush in 2014.

One of the things that Emily loves most about AKPsi is the diversity, not just of the people, but also of the majors and interests that everybody has. This aspect is what enables AKPsi to create events that are relevant to everyone, and fosters an open-minded view on all industries. This abundance of diversity within our fraternity has attributed to Emily’s success mainly in two categories, broadening her network and increasing her professional development. AKPsi helped broaden her network professionally for jobs and internship opportunities, and personally by meeting wonderful people and nurturing long lasting friendships. Double majoring in Organizational Sciences and Political Science in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, the extra exposure to the business sector from AKPsi helped her immensely in growing and honing her professional development. These skills helped her land one of her most impactful and memorable internships. Emily worked on the Hill with Congresswomen Niki Tsongas, representing District 3 of Massachusetts. This experience gave her the most exposure to interacting with new people, diligently researching relevant issues, and “plus it was pretty cool walking among senators, congressmen, and congresswomen”.

Emily had a big impact on the Beta Mu family. She devoted a lot of time and effort since her time as pledge class president, to her directorship, and all the way to her E-Board position as Vice President of Alumni and Inter-Chapter Relations. She has managed and put on many great events during her time, such as the most recent Paintball event, which was a huge success! Her universal goal shared between all these positions was to be a “force that brings people together with a smile”. Anybody who knows Emily has experienced this legendary smile that brightens anybody’s day.

After she graduates, Emily wants to work at a law firm for at least two years or in a policy/government related industry. She would also eventually like to go to law school for her J.D., ideally staying in the DC area. Once she graduates, Emily will be remembered as a positive and kind brother who has helped our Chapter grow. Best of luck with all of your of your future aspirations! Your smile will be missed.


·      Emily had pet Chickens! Her favorite rooster was Frou Frou and her favorite hen was Eliza.

·      She lived in Italy.

·      She did a treacherous three day hiking trip through major thunderstorms.

·      She LOVES lions.



Senior Spotlight: Manisha Agrawala

Manisha Agrawala '17

Manisha Agrawala '17

Brother Manisha Agrawala, now a senior member, joined AKPsi three years ago during her first semester at GWU. She described herself back then as a bit shy and maybe even a little awkward, which might baffle the people who have met her recently. She is a bright and social butterfly who can carry out a great conversation, paint, and dance. She credits this change to AKPsi. Manisha joined looking for professional growth, but ended up with much more. Through her three years in the fraternity, Manisha says that she gained networking skills, professional skills, and of course some of her closest friends.

Manisha has had an internship every summer since college, and a large part of getting these positions are due to the networking skills she had developed since the rush process. She is not yet sure of where she will be after college, but it is undeniable that with all of her experience and great personality, she will have successful future. She hopes to be in the consulting industry with a focus on public health.

Manisha has been a very active member since her freshman year. She held the VPPD position during her time in AKPsi and was very proud of the Case Interview Conference that she organized. However, what is most important to her now is being a mentor to the younger Brothers and the feeling of being able to guide and help her AKPsi family makes her extremely happy. She is and has been a fantastic member of the Beta Mu family. We wish you all the best during your last year at GWU and beyond!


·      Performed on Broadway twice!!

·      Manisha quit ballet when she was three. She then transitioned to Indian Classical Dance, which she has been doing ever since.

·      She loves to paint using water colors and oils

·      She loves watching Jon Oliver and Trevor Noah’s show

·      She is currently the Director of Raas Chaos—Intercollegiate dance competition